We and the Future

For us, our view of the world, our vision for the future and our mission in the present are commitment undertaking.

We are one of the positive consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

We know that our work is important because it is important! It is important for all of us and for everyone after us, because solar energy is the energy of the future. The sooner we start mass-producing electricity from it, the better it is for us and for future generations.

The change in our way of life due to the pandemic of COVID-19 made us all change, in some respects without realizing it, and in others deliberately. Personally, the situation provokes me on many levels. It challenged me to think about what is really important and what each of us contributes to the future. I realized that we all live on loan in the world of our children. In order to preserve it and leave something good behind, it is logical to stop polluting. It is time to focus on the widespread use of clean energy. Nature functions with solar energy. We use it all the time, often without even realizing it. Producing electricity from the energy of the sun is the most logical, and now increasingly more available, and I believe it is the most right.

Simeon Kraynev

Simeon Kraynev is founder and executive manager of the company. He is an electrical engineer graduated in Germany. He additionally studied business administration – literally on three continents. He has been working in the field of industrial construction in Bulgaria for more than 10 years. He has gained significant experience in the management of infrastructure projects in the field of energy.

The company PLUX EOOD is founded with the idea to help use more and more electricity created by the sun. Solar energy is the most affordable green energy that anyone can use, with a little help from a specialist. That is why we are here for you. As professionals, we are focused on photovoltaic technology. We design, structure, build and maintain a variety of projects for photovoltaic power plants (PV PP), photovoltaic systems and custom photovoltaic solutions. We have the knowledge, experience and capacity for complete construction of turnkey photovoltaic power plants. We seek to be industry leaders by implementing the most modern and efficient solar technologies from leading engineers and manufacturers from around the world.

We accept our work as our mission and we believe, that what we do helps everybody to live a better life. We have a desire to constantly learn and develop, and we purposefully try to get better every day.