We deal with the complete construction and management of photovoltaic power plants.

In order to do our job professionally and to achieve high quality and reliability, we perform all necessary activities for research, design, implementation and maintenance of our projects.


The first and perhaps most important part of a project is the conducting of a diligent research.

For our clients we perform carefully a special study, taking into account the specific situation. We are used to look at the projects from different perspectives. From one point of view, we examine the technical and economic side of each investment by performing appropriate simulations of the prepared models. From another, it is obligatory for us to look at the big picture and how the project fits into it. We strive to identify all expected major problems from the beginning of the project – in the study. It doesn’t matter if it’s about bureaucracy, accession, security, or the hundred-year wave of the nearby river.

We believe that only through a detailed study of the situation and compliance with investor’s intentions in advance, optimal results can be achieved..


Our approach is initially to develop a technological design, defining the basic parameters and the necessary equipment. We have a database containing the parameters of all leading photovoltaic panels and inverters available on the market.

Once the basic equipment is selected, we prepare a structural design or statement. At the same time, we prepare designs for the execution of the electrical part, which include a single-line diagram, cable plan, switchboards plans, a possibly external connection, earthing installation, lightning protection.

After we finish the implementation, we prepare an as-built design in which the actual executes works are reflected.


Our goal is to adhere to the fastest possible execution of construction and installation works.

Our approach is to prepare all the necessary elements in advance so that we can perform a quick installation.

This approach allows enough time to be set for the commissioning. This is the inspection and adjustment that is performed by our engineers after installation and before and switching on.

For our clients we prepare and get together all the necessary documents for initial operation.


Our policy is to periodically monitor the installations we have built.

We pay special attention to the real data obtained from the systems. In addition to comparing the periodically achieved indicators with those foreseen, it is possible to identify possible problems as early as possible and to avoid possible losses in advance.

We have the necessary measuring equipment and software that allow us to monitor the systems in real time and to record the real characteristics of the equipment used.